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Wonka's Chocolate Shop Modular

Who can take a sunrise?
Sprinkle it with dew?
Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two!

Enter the world of Wonka with this Willy Wonka themed modular. This themed candy store gives into the whacky and vibrant themes of the famous candy man.

The shop features two stories of candy-filled goodness that can be viewed by opening up the back walls!

On the first floor are a variety of candy stalls showing off Wonka bars, gobstoppers, and various pastries, as well as the checkout register staffed by employees dressed as Oompa Loompas. 

On the second floor there is a carousel of jars full of Nerds, a fizzy soda dispenser, a lollipop stand, and a fill-your-own-bag-of-candy stall. 

Outside the store is a pipe of chocolate going from a storage basin to a Cocoa station outside where an employee dressed as Willy Wonka serves hot cocoa!

This set features 5 minifigures: Willy Wonka Employee, 2 Oompa Loompa employees, an adult customer and a child customer.

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