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Motorized Truck From the 60s

What is it?
It's a motorized 6×6 truck from the 60s. I find automobile design 60s cool and exciting. According to my model, I've tried to repeat the proportions and style of the 60s classic trucks. I use different types of parts to recreate it. But most interesting in the model is technical part. This truck has many functions:
  • Firstly, it's motorized with Power Function system. The l-motor transmits movement to the two rear axles, the m-motor controls steering. Steering implemented with 4 rubber belts, which are limit lever travel and motor movement. The battery box and receiver are located in the truck body.
  • Second feature is swing axles of the rear axle. It's the imitation of real suspension. When the truck runs over an obstacle, the wheel rise.
  • The next function is a working gearbox with two gears. The first gear 1:1, the second is neutral, the third is 2:1. The lever of the gearbox leaves the cabin, so you can switch it.
  • The last function is working engine layout. The drive from l-motor goes to engine layout. The engine has 4 cylinders. You can see it by opening the hood.
Why did I build it?
The idea of creating this truck started a long time ago. I don't remind why I built prototype. Perhaps, because I saw somewhere truck by surfing the internet. Last year, I did a similar vehicle. A few days ago, I saw it and wondered: Why not bring this to Bricklink Studio? I transferred it in a couple of days to the program and improved it by adding some panels, slopes e.t.c.
Why I believe this would make a great Lego set?
I believe that my creation will be a great Lego set because this model is playable and functional. In my opinion, motorized models — is always interesting!

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