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Ferrari Flagship Showroom - Lego Speed Champions


Dear Lego Fans,

Here comes my Lego Masterpiece:

A fully functional Ferrari Showroom/Flagship for the Lego Speed Champions collection

This model is a tribute to the mighty Italian brand, which has produced so many magical cars over the last 70 years

The building itself has a modern and innovative architecture that translates perfectly the cutting-edge Ferrari image in terms of Style, Sportiness and Luxury.

The showroom is a nice mix of style and functionality; it includes:

  • A cosy lounge with modern sofa and a stylish coffee maker
  • A diagonal display area, which allows the car to revolve over it
  • A spacious garage with a rolling gate and full of exciting accessories for clients to select the colour of their cars inside and out
  • A fully functional office upstairs for the Showroom Manager (her name is Amelie like my daughter!) to meet her clients
  • A mini Ferrari Heritage lounge with a beautiful motor on display and other nice racing items

Along with a stunning building, this set features 2 of the most iconic super cars produced under the supervision of Enzo Ferrari

  • A superb 288 GTO from 1984
  • An amazing F40 from 1987

(Both models being in traditional in-house red colour)

The set also includes 4 characters:

  • Amelie the Office Manager
  • Sebastien (my son!) the Ferrari Engineer
  • 2 Clients

In overall the set is built with c2,000 bricks and has been designed to be very robust and last in time; most importantly it is very fun to look at and to play with!


I hope you will like it and give plenty of support; my dream would be to have this Ferrari Showroom officially produced by Lego, as part of their Speed Champions Collection


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Thanks in advance for your support and all the best!

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