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White Rose


Proving that Lego creations can be wonderful ornaments as well as fun toys, this heraldic white rose is perfectly suited to the mantle or bookcase. Most people who see it don't even realise that it is Lego until they are shown it in more detail and its three-dimensional appearance adds a sculpture-like beauty to a creation that is technical, yet graceful in its design.

Feasibility as a product.

At around 300 pieces (not including any stand) and with many bricks being repeated several times, this model is potentially both affordable for customers to buy and economic for The LEGO Group to produce. It is remarkably sturdy considering its five-sided structure and does not require any printed parts or parts to be made in currently unavailable colours.

This model also has a quality in reaching out beyond the usual demographic of Lego products and I have found that for many of those people, it is somewhat an eye-opener to a world of Lego modelling and sculpting that they were previously unaware of. Perhaps, through Lego Ideas, this potential can be realised on an even greater scale.


Thank you for viewing my submission, please offer you support and help this beautiful sculpture to become something everyone can enjoy.



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