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The Art of Programming


Hi there,

welcome to a new Lego build, other than the others I made earlier. This is a piece of Lego art that shows what good programming is about. This is what we do: we create entire worlds out of tiny bits of code.

This piece of art is designed to show you, non-programmers, how it feels to do what we do. But, as you noticed, this set can not be made playable that easily due to floating bricks and minifigures. This set is more of a piece of art to inspire Lego to make programming related sets, or to make sets that are tiny art pieces about anything!

But, if you support this idea, and would ask me to make a playable set from this, I will do it and post it in an update. Please let me know!


I hope you like this build, and I will see all of you in my next big project, the Nebudcadnezzar hovecraft!

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