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Botanical Garden & Research Laboratory (Hinge-Open Modular)


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Hello everyone!

I present my latest project – the hinge-opening (dollhouse style) modular Botanical Garden City with a fully equipped Research Laboratory. It even comes with a working elevator. I was looking to design a modular building which can also be opened like a dollhouse - thus giving access to the entire interior at once and also can also be taken apart section by section (like other generic modular buildings).

It consists of 3 removable floors and houses the rarest plant species. The interior is highly detailed, and all the plants and furniture are removable so that they can be rearranged if needed.

It is bound to look spectacular amidst other modular buildings.

Key features include the following:

1) The ground floor has many different types of rare plant species.

2) The first floor (which is accessible via a working elevator) contains rare aquatic and 'dangerous' plants species including carnivorous plants. Some even must be kept inside glass containers for safety purposes.

3) The third floor is the main research laboratory where the scientists are hard at work. It comes fully equipped with all kinds of scientific equipment such as an electron microscope, lots of chemicals, test tubes, scales, burner etc

4) A fully functional elevator gives access to all 3 floors including the rooftop. A small gear at the very top of the building can be used to make the elevator move up or down.

5) There are 'buttons/panels' in the 1st/2nd floors allowing the elevator to stop in those floors.

6) There are built-in skylights in every floor including the rooftop.

7) The research lab has a small restroom for use by the research scientists. Access to that floor is, of course, restricted to general public.

8) There are tablet screens on the ground floor and the 1st floor so that visitors can look up information about the huge array of rare plant species growing inside the botanical garden.

9) There's even a counter on the ground floor - in case a visitor wants to make a purchase - however, the rarest ones are unfortunately not for sale.


A Botanist and Research Scientist along with two of his assistants (who are also botanists) are in charge of the laboratory. They also make sure that visitors remain safe whilst inside the botanical garden. (I preferred using mini-dolls but they can easily be replaced with mini-figs if needed).

This is my biggest ideas project yet!

Please help me get support for my project!!

Thanks for looking!!

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