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Kiki's Delivery Service: The Bakery - (Studio Ghibli)

Studio Ghibli has always made fantastic animation films, but Kiki's Delivery Service always stood out to me. Ever since I saw the movie for the first time, I have always wanted the bakery to be an official LEGO set.

The idea features the bakery with a beautiful roof, an interior and a garden. I have tried to keep true to the movie, which means the interiors depicts many scenes from the movie:

- Kiki's accommodation
- The bakery shop
- The garden
- The kitchen
- And of course the room where all the food is made

The idea contains almost 3000 pieces.
Of course, I have also included many memorable characters from the movie, such as:

- Kiki
- Jiji
- Osono
- Ursula
- Tombo

A lot of LEGO fans (such as myself) would love a Studio Ghibli set, so if you want this to be an official LEGO set, I would really appreciate your support.

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