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Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny is one of the most well-known brand mascots. Since 1989, he has just been going and going. The sight of the rabbit alone reminds of the thump thump of his drum and Energizer's promise for long-lasting power.

Why not bring the iconic mascot into the LEGO IDEAS lineup? The Energizer Bunny represents a fun durable brand just like LEGO. He also stands on his own as a character people love

This LEGO build is a 10" (26cm) tall mechanized replica of the Energizer Bunny and his big drum. Roll the model on the ground and wheels power internal mechanisms to let the arms take turns beating the drum. Batteries unfortunately could not fit in the model's size, but that's OK since they'll never have to be replaced!

2023 is also Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese lunar calendar. There couldn't be a better time to show support to a famous hare!

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