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County General Hospital


Hey everyone! So this is my very first contribution to the LEGO Community. Please don't hesitate to comment, I'd like to have some feedback. Whether they are good or bad remarks, as long as they are constructive, it will help! Thank you!

About my project: though there are already many hospital projects out there on LEGO Ideas, LEGO still has not produced (yet) a modular hospital to go with their series. So I thought I'd give my idea a try! And as I'm tired with all the "corner" buildings, this building is set to finally give a bit of length to the streets of your city...

Now, enough, let's give you some facts about it. Please note that due to a lack of time and bricks, this project was designed using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). A total of 3043 bricks were used to create it, but don't worry there, I kept the design simple so it remains quite easy to build.



Quick, there was an accident in town! But don't worry, the County General Hospital is not far and is accessible by both ambulances and helicopters. Your favorite minifigure will be as good as new in no time!

The hospital can be divided so you can access and play inside all its 3 floors.

The base contains a reception desk, a big waiting-room (for visitors and minifigs with small injuries), and an ambulance bay to bring in the injured minifigs.

The first floor features a fully-equipped modern OR (Operating Room) with a "Scrub-Room" to keep germs out! And the OR is equipped with windows to allow med students to observe the undergoing surgeries through the "Observation Deck". Also on that same floor, you will find a lounge for the medical personnel.

On the second floor you will find no less than 5 fully-equipped rooms for your patients. And a rest room next to the elevator. Some rooms are bigger than others to allow for more equipment or personnel with the most heavily injured patients.

Finally, the roof allows engineers to access the vital equipments for repairs and features an helipad so you can bring in the most severely injured minifigs by the air!


The hospital comes with 2 crashcarts (one for the OR and one backup for the rooms on the second floor), 5 mobile beds (for the 5 rooms), and 5 minifigs: the medical staff comprises 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 surgeon, 1 EMT and 1 city firefighter (intended as a visitor in case you wonder). Oh, and last but no least: the level of detail even includes phones throughout the entire hospital (even the OR) to reach any doctor at any time.


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