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Milies Old Train Station


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I have been working on a new project in the last couple of days. Its a small train station dating back in 1903. It is situated in Greece on the mountain of Centaurs (Mount Pelion) in a small village called Milies.
The construction of the railway network was supervised by Evaristo de Chirico, the father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico, who was born in Volos. 

My little train station has followed the aesthetics of the original one. I tried to replicate as much as possible all the lines, colors and materials used! it is made out of 1438 bricks, which includes all 6 minifigures. 

I feel that a good train station is what is missing from all Lego train fun lovers and I will be concentrating on making that happen :) so stay tuned as there is more coming!

Hope you like it! 

* The background landascape, trees, rocks etc. are not included in the brick count and are not part of my Idea

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