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Space L.A.V. "Griffin"


About This Project:

This set idea is of a space land assault vehicle code named Griffin. It is heavily armored and has a crew of three inside. Two in the main body and one crew member in the turret. The turret can spin 360 degrees. Each cannon barrel on the turret can raise and lower. The turret opens up for access to the minifigure inside. The driver of the vehicle is accessed through the opening panel on the front of the tank. The final crew member is located behind the driver working communications. You can access the engine compartment on the rear of the vehicle through another panel that can open and close. All four tractor treads can adapt to the terrain to make it easier to drive through or over.

Play Features:

  • The turret can spin 360 degrees.
  • The tractor treads can independently adapt to the terrain.
  • Each cannon barrel can raise and lower easily and hold position.
  • There are three panels that can open and close for access inside.
  • The turret can be removed as well as the panel underneath for access to the communications crew member.


  • Three minifigures.

Thank you very much for your time and support.


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