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Music and Jewelry

“Music and Jewels” is my proposal of this new modular building concept with three-stories of which the ground floor is dedicated to businesses such as the music store or the jewelry store.

This model offers the possibility of being placed in an inverted and detailed manner and thus adapt to your city. The model is situated in a square with a fountain with a bench and some green areas.

The music store is a small business with lots of items for music lovers, a wall can be unfolded to add gameplay and accessibility.

Jewelry is an old business where the minifigures can finally wear their cool jewels. With old showcases that open to access the content.

The first floor has a furnished apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. One of the walls can be unfolded to have better access to the interior.

 On the second floor we find the attic where a fan of LEGO Ideas enjoys making her models. With a large space for her creations, drawers of pieces, computer, and models.

 A fully modular model that includes 3,000 pieces including six minifigures, two dogs, a squirrel, and a bird.

Once again and as a lover of LEGO modular buildings, I make my proposal as a fan to the community and lovers of the Creator Expert theme. Thank you very much and I hope you like it.

Bricky B.

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