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Electric Bongos

This playable LEGO instrument features 2 sound bricks that emit a “poh” and “pah” sound of a bongo drum.

The bongos are medium-brown and beige striped with plenty of silver pieces that form the metal bands around the drum.

Large white 10x10 dish pieces form the drum skins. Hit the drums with your hands to make music – it’s that easy.

And this drum is made of 100% LEGO elements…

The most critical piece to making the bongo sound is the electronic LEGO sound brick. This small 2x4x2 brick makes a bongo sound when its orange button is pressed.

The interior of the drum has 2 sound bricks strongly mounted to the side wall of the drum. There are blue elastics to make the bongo button “spring-loaded”.

Press down on the top of the drum to activate the orange button of the sound brick. One drum makes a low “poh” sound, and the other drum makes the higher “pah” sound.

The set is 584 pieces. The model measures 22cm long, 9cm wide, 11cm tall.

10 reasons why this would make a great LEGO set

  1. This set offers a playable instrument made entirely out of LEGO pieces at a reasonable price – about the price of a medium sized Creator set, for example.
  2. LEGO bongos have never been made before, using a nice, perfectly-rounded shape inspired by the design of LEGO Ideas set 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V.
  3. The sound brick hasn’t been used in a LEGO set since 2011. This would be a very practical use of the sound brick – to make music, as opposed to just simple sound effects.
  4. If produced, this set would include many different parts in silver, which are extremely useful parts to use for making other creations.
  5. The bongos originate from Cuba/Africa and are a staple of various music genres. LEGO could use more representation of African and Latin music/culture in their sets.
  6. This set looks quite realistic and can even be appreciated by those who aren’t LEGO fans.
  7. The bongos would make a great gift, whether it’s for a child to play with, or an older adult to display at their home, office, or studio!
  8. This set can achieve mass appeal without the need of a 3rd party intellectual property. Without the need for licensing, the price of the set could be lower than other LEGO Ideas sets of the same size.
  9. The model includes some symmetrical/repetitive building, which could be built with 2 people building together.
  10. The 2 bongo sound brick pieces could be used to make many other music creations, such as a beat-machine. Or you can jam with your friends!

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