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Walrus Sea Cruiser

This is a boat I built. I built it because I wanted to build a boat without using a pre-made piece. I named it the walrus sea cruiser because after I finished when I looked at it from the front I thought it looked kind of like the face of a walrus. This would make a great set because it is interactive, has many pieces and is also a great display. First it would make a good interactive set because people can take the boat of and play with it because it also have flat pieces on the bottom so you can slide it. It also has many features. Many boats have somewhere they can put their fishing rod in and they can do something else so I added a fishing pole holder. At the back there is a adjustable propeller which can go up and down. In the boat there is a couch at the back and there is something on top giving it shade. In the front their is the controls for the boat. This would also make a great display piece. The hardest part was building the curve at the front.

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