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Aquanauts Mecha-Crab Underwater Cleaner

Aquanauts Mecha-Crab Underwater Cleaner

For almost 30 years, the Aquanauts have been scouring the Aquazone for these precious crystals. Over time, they have observed the gradual disappearance of all the animal species they usually find there. Pollution of the seabed is endangering the Aquazone's fragile ecosystem. Fewer and fewer sharks, rays and octopuses are surviving in these difficult conditions. If the oceans deteriorate, all life forms on the planet will suffer the consequences. Today, it seems that their mission must change. It's time to take action!

Aquanauts' top engineers have developed a Mecha-Crab capable of moving through the most hostile environments in order to collect pollutants and take them to a suitable reprocessing facility for efficient recycling.

The explorer Meli takes advantage of the great mobility of her underwater glider to identify the objects to be recovered and indicate them to the technician Brian, who then moves her Mecha-Crab to the site. With the help of these two huge claws, he can move any object into the skip at the back of the mecha.

The complete set consists of 850 pieces, of which 660 are for the Mecha-Crab. The mecha is about 13 cm (5 in) high and 28 cm (11 in) wide. Being a fan of the Aquanauts since their appearance in 1995, I wanted to share my nostalgia with my two children. After a painstaking job of sorting through my old LEGO, I was able to put together the Neptune Discovery Lab (6195) and the Crystal Explorer Sub (6175). And I was not disappointed with the result... In 2022, the Aquanauts are still going strong! So I started to imagine what the mission of the Aquanauts could be today.

The subject of environmental protection is omnipresent, and I run the risk of adding another layer to it... But when I try to share with my children a certain taste for discovery and exploration, it's hard not to think of all the things they will only know through archive images. Because some changes are irreversible. Everyone today is trying to make an effort, at their own level, including the LEGO Group, which is investing in the search for alternatives to the polymers we know so well. And that's good because the real solutions are proposed by the most creative people... Often inspired for a long time by their favourite construction game... I hope that this set proposal will inspire you too (and maybe make you want to find an old blue and white scuba diving minifigure waiting for you in a box).

Thanks for reading and enjoy your exploration!

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