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The Space Voyager

The Space Voyager is an advanced generation ship that can last for thousands of years in space. What's the ship's goal, you ask? To travel to unknown words, and search for alien life. The people inside hibernate in stasis pods for centuries at a time as the ship travels through the void of space, voyaging to other worlds.

I think this would be a really cool set, wouldn't it look amazing sitting on your desk or shelf? It's an impressive centerpiece, and your support can help make it a real thing!

This model is very similar to another project I recently made, the Ancient Starship Crash Site, which I used the same ship in. This one, however, is much cleaner and nicer looking. It's up to you to decide what exactly happened to this magnificent ship, that made it crash-land on a deserted planet, to be undiscovered for centuries.

The Voyager is attached to a 6x24 base, and the whole model consists of 628 pieces.

If you like this model, of course, please support! And if you really enjoy it, tell your friends and family, maybe post something about it on social media! I also have a website you can subscribe to for emails, so whenever I make a new LEGO Idea, you'll know! (Link in my profile) Happy building!

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