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...To the Moon!

This set is a tribute to the cryptocurrency financial sector and represents in particular a nice parody of the bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, in a "brick" key (hence, the fantasy term "brick-coin" instead of bit-coin)
The set shows a a strong rising financial graph (parabolic curve) of the coin with a small rocket direct "to the moon".
To the moon” is a common expression widely used within the cryptocurrency community - especially among investors and traders, to describe a cryptocurrency that is under a strong upward market trend.

What is a cryptocurrency (and bitcoin?)
Bitcoin (and in general a cryptocurrency or "crypto") is a digital form of cash. Unlike the traditional "fiat" currencies (dollar, euro etc), there is no central bank controlling it because the financial system is run by thousands of computers distributed around the world.
Cryptocurrencies are therefore functional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and anyone with an Internet connection can transmit funds.
Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency (launched in 2009) and it is still the most famous and well known today. In recent years, many institutions and companies are also approaching Bitcoin, which is increasingly becoming a "store of value". 
If you are also a fan of cryptocurrencies, please support my project. I promise other little surprises along the way…to the moon!
Thank you.

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