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Henry 8th, Life & Times


The Life & Times of Henry 8th.

Henry 8th, Tudor King of England liked to enjoy himself !

He liked to joust (which apparently nearly killed him and might have been the cause of his mood swings in later life)

He liked to eat & drink (an understatement !)

He frequently planned to invade France (but wasn't very good at it)

He wasn't very good at staying married for very long

And if you upset him, you could find yourself heading over to the naughty step - not a place that you'd like to be dragged too.

The Set is based around my version of Hampton Court Palace, and folds to keep everything together. Minifigures include: Henry 8th, Thomas Cromwell, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, a couple of knights/soldiers/ladies in waiting ( one of which could be Jane Seymour?), a  court jester and the executioner.

You could also forget all the history and have fun playing with a set from the late middle ages.

Comments welcome, thanks (just over 1,000 pieces)

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