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Kingdom Hearts - Destiny Island

That's the power of the Keyblade!

This build represents Destiny Island from Kingdom Hearts. This is an iconic level in the Kingdom Hearts series, as it is where the series begins. Anyone who has played the game will know just how beautiful destiny island really is.

While building this set, I tried to incorporate as many in game references as I could. I included all 6 of the characters that you can find on the island. I have Sora wielding his signature Keyblade (Even though he does not have the Keyblade at this point in the game) walking across the bridge to where Riku & Kairi are sitting on a palm tree underneath a bunch of Paopu fruit. Additionally, I've added Tidus, Selphie & Wakka in the locations you can challenge them to a duel in game. The beginning of the game finds you locating 2 logs, a rope, and some cloth as a quest. I have incorporated these into the build as well in their original locations from the game.

While the build is referencing the first portion of Destiny Island, I tried to incorporate the remaining sections as well. On the right-hand side of the island, I've included the door that would lead you to Destiny Island section 2 (My build just leads to a small room). I have also included the Seaside Shack, with a set of stairs leading to the upstairs portion of the island. There is a fully functioning staircase that leads from the top portion down to the main floor of the shack, where a "Save" point is located. All of these have been included in this build as well.

The remaining two sections I have included are the tree house, which can be located at the top of a bunch of ladders in the giant tree found in the center of the island. You will find the cloth located here, just as you would in the main game. Additionally, the "Secret Place" has also been included. This is located beside the waterfall, and is a cave which includes a bunch of drawings on the wall made by Sora and friends. I have incorporated this into the build as well, located exactly where it would be in the game.

As one of my favorite video game franchises of all time, I wanted to convert one of the most memorable levels into a LEGO set. I looked around for different idea's from Kingdom Hearts, but didn't see anything as ambitious as re-creating an entire level.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set, as Kingdom Hearts is a very well known game, with a strong and loyal following. This level is also one of the most memorable levels from the game, which everyone who has played remembers.

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