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Heroica Volcano of Lycoper

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The great Volcano of Lycoper has always been a very dangerous place but not ever like this way.
Now it is conquered by lava monsters. The great leader of lava monsters is the Lava Lord. He is the most powerful lava creature and he dominates for all the lava monsters. The Lava Lord can create lava creatures from magma and just this gift makes him so dangerous. He has begun to create an army to reinforce his master's power. The heroes have to stop him before it's too late!
Rules of this game are pretty much like the same than in normal Heroica game: You roll the LEGO Dice and move around the board, fight against to the monsters, collect items and try to win the game!

Fire ant is only one strength monster.

Magma warrior is a little more stronger two strength monster.

Lava Lord is three strength monster.


Freezing potion
freeze the monster in front of you and then you can go past it without fighting against to it.

Potion of ability
gives you the ability to use any weapon power without that you do not even have any weapons.

You may use a potion at any time during your turn, but each potion may only be used once.

Other Items

Lava rocks:
You may not move through lava rocks. If you move into a space adjacent to lava rocks, you must end your move in that space and explore them. Roll the LEGO Dice again to find out what happens: If you get a Heroica Shield you pass through the lava rocks to the first available space on the other side. If you get a Sword you remove the lava rocks out of the way. If you get a Skull you move back 1 space away from the lava rocks. If you get Sword & Skull the lava rocks are still hot and you burn yourself. You move back 1 space away from the lava rocks and lose 1 health point.

There is also treasure chests and gold in this game. They work just like in normal Heroica game.

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