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Microfigure AT AT

When I saw the star wars microfigures from the, 'Battle of Hoth,' game, I decided to try to build a true-scale AT AT for microfigures.

More pictures and AT-AT LDD file -

Speeder bikes, they won't survive the review. Hopefully some new pieces will be released before this gets looked at...

The bikes store in the back of the AT-AT, There are also 22 Snowtroopers and 1 Commander in the main body.


- licensing issues

After the previous Star Wars model failed the review process without even being mentioned in the results video, I am not completely certain that this will pass review either. This project does however have the advantage of being something unique that Lego isn't doing yet, so there shouldn't be any clashes with existing release plans.

You can download the LDD (Lego Digital Designer - from Lego website) file from the Mocpages page listed at the top of the page and build your own if you wish to.

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