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Mediterranean Train Station

Here's your Ticket to Anywhere!

The Train Station. Jumpstarter to Adventures or just everyday Commute, a Place where People meet, yet full of Goodbyes. This Submission is Inspired by Architecture commonly found in the Mediterranean Regions, which my Wife and I both have fond Childhood Memories of.

The Building has everything you could want from a modernized Station. A Ticket Vendor and Snack Shop lie in the Heart of it, overseen by a big 4 sided Clock. A Rack with Postcards lets you send Home Memories. There are two Benches for waiting on your Train, but if you go Upstairs you can take a seat in the Panorama Café. The next Set of Stairs leads into the Clocktower where the Bell can be rung. (Only by Personell of course, look after your Kids!)

The Build consists of about 1560 Parts Plus six Minifigures.
The Minifigures are made up of A Train Conductor, a Vendor, a mysterious Adventurer, A Lady with her Child and a guy waiting on the Bench. We think this would be a great addition to any Lego Collection in need of a Train Station since this kind of Architecture fits well to existing Lego Sets.

Easter Eggs!
There are two Easter Eggs hidden in this Build, can you name them in the Comments?

This submission is a Collaboration between me and my lovely Wife from who I have Permission to release it on this account. Her Ideas Account is called SteineInsel. Link to her Profile
The Background of the Title Picture is drawn by myself.

We hope you enjoy this Submission!

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