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European Truck

This is my attempt at making a typical European long-haul truck. The truck is inspired by a Scania 142, but is not meant to be an exact model. I chose to make the truck 8 studs wide, because I believe this scale allows for a high degree of detail yet keeps the size manageable (and affordable).

The truck features a fully detailed interior with sleeping cabin, and the trailer features a retractable parking supports, a removable roof and a fully functioning cargo lift.

Size: 8 (12 inc. mirrors) studs wide x 53 studs long.

Brick count:
Truck and driver: 389
Trailer: 314
Cargo (5 pallets) and pallet lifter: 167
Total: 870

Left side view.

View of the interior of the cabin and the rear of the truck, showing the chassis frame and drive axle.

View of the trailer with the roof of and one of the cargo pallets removed.

Truck being loaded with a pallet of boxes.

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