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Halloween Town

Halloween Town is a spooky but fun town with now 2990 parts, haunted by a witch and vampire. I built this set because there aren't enough sets that show the fun of Halloween

Set features:
8 minifigures - A Dracula, a witch, a farmer, a DJ for the Halloween party, a mom, and Trick-or-Treaters including a prince-costumed kid, a pirate costumed-girl, and a burglar-costumed girl. (Disclaimer: This set has no intention of being a minifigure pack. The Minifigures are supposed to be another fun attribute to this set).
The first building has one floor that is a Halloween part with candy, drinks, a DJ booth, and a dance floor. The second floor is a haunted room with a bed, shelf, table, and a piano. The rooftop is a witch's area with a shelf for spell books, a cauldron, and more. There is also a pumpkin on the back of the building. 
There is also a farm carnival in the back with carnival games, a popcorn stand, a scarecrow, and a haystack area.
The second building is a haunted castle with the first floor being a living room with a fireplace, and the second floor being an abandoned bedroom where Dracula sleeps in a coffin.

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