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Hello everybody!

I’d like to introduce you my first project on LEGO ideas. First a few basics. For further information read the text below.

  • Museum in neoclassical style 
  • space for more than 50 Minifigures from the Collection Series
  • three floors
  • six Minifigures
  • more than six-thousand pieces


Build the big museum and make place for your favourite collectable Minifigures from the Minifigures Collection Series!

Whatever you like to present, an exhibition of history from the Egyptians to the Hippies, all the mystical creatures from the Minotaur to the Yeti, a collection of SciFi-characters, or just all the guys in costumes, the huge building is ready to house them!

There is space for more than fifty Minifigures arranged on two floors and a third floor with a small gallery and the directors office. In the entrance behind the two counters the employees sell tickets or souvenirs to the visitors.

The set would contain around six Minifigures: three visitors, an artist, the director and an employee of the museum.

Of course, there wouldn’t be any Minifigures from the Minifigures Collection Series included. The ones you may see on the pictures are just my attempt to imitate some of them with the parts that are available on LDD so you get an impression of what it could look like.

The two upper floors can be removed separately, just as the two parts of the roof, the coloums, the stairs and the middle part of the back wall. The set would contain more than six-thousand pieces. It could be easily integrated between your modular buildings. It’s designed in a neoclassical style and has got even his own piece of art – a typical mural relief – on the upper part of the front. 

Thanks for your interest!







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