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Space Vehicles Retrology


A project of all of you who like those old classic space sets. I loved Lego space since I was a kid, now as an adult I decided to play a humble homage to something that gave my hours of joy.

This project includes three vehicles, two ships and a strangely familiar land vehicle.

The first spaceship Pegasus is the biggest and most modern of all, it houses one pilot in the front and have a whole range of defensive devices in this middle frontal wings and next to the cockpit. Its long outer wings and its tail help it on atmospheric flight.

The second ship Minotaur has a mistakenly old fashion style, its two horn wings house its trustees and lasers, take a look at its details engine below its pilot.

Last but not least comes satyr, don’t get deceive by him, it is not how he looks but how he runs, this strangely shaped ship runs as fast as any other one, and has comfy seat and seat-bells for safety travel  all over the galaxy.

It includes three figures.

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