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The Blue Angel (A Little Working Kid-Car)

Hello! What nice things do I have for you today?

This model is a homage to the old and most beautiful pedal cars ever available for children has. Unfortunately, these beautiful children's cars disappeared from the market in the early 1960s.
The pedal cars with chain drive came (e.g. Gokart & Kettcar).
Pedal cars were already around in the 1920s. Big car manufacturers had them built and hey were built in small numbers. They were usually built quite simply and have not have aChain drive. A simple drive via two push rods connected to the rear axle was standard. The bodies of these small cars were made of sheet metal. Since the body was also the frame for the axles, the children's cars had no floor.
Very few pedal cars in this class were built in a kind of luxury version. They had many Details, e.g. lighting or a balloon horn or a very elaborate paint job Upholstered seats.

Why did I build this model?

Since little boys don't grow up, they just get older, I built the Blue Angel exactly for these old children. Finally a pedal car that fits into every apartment. Even better! It fits on any pedal car fan's shelf and won't disappear in the garage or gazebo.
The Blue Angel is a luxury pedal car. It has a 3-color paint finish, chrome trim, upholstered seats, a double horn horn and front and rear lighting. The drive is based on the old pedal cars and works like that. The front axle can be steered via a cardan joint that is connected to the steering wheel.
Since I have not seen a model like this from Lego and the technology is quite simple, I built it for you.

Why might Lego build it?
Where can you get such a beautiful pedal car today? One that fits everywhere. A Wonderful idea for Lego.

The technical data

Name: The Blue Angel
Parts: 825
Dimensions: 22 x 41 x 19 studs
Weight: 886 grams

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