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Among Us - The Skeld

Shhh... Who's the Imposter?
This is a Lego model based on ‘The Skeld’ from the multiplayer social deduction game from InnerSloth. It contains all the rooms from the game, and contains lots of fun details.
The rooms include:
  • cafeteria
  • admin
  • weapons
  • navigation
  • comms
  • shields
  • the upper and lower engine
  • storage
  • reactor
  • electrical 
  • medbay
  • reactor
Also comes with 8 figures from the game.

I had a lot of fun building this model, and think it would make a great LEGO model, as it contains lots of different styles of build and lots of colours. LEGO could do great things with this model, and could include even more detail and unlock its full potential.
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