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Starship Control Room with Holographic Display


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What is this?
This is a starship's control room with a holographic projection of the starship.
Why did I build this?
This is a modified version of a model a built for the Zoom background activity. I decided to build a starship control room, and I wanted to try to make a holograph looking thing and I liked the color scheme of Peter Reid's ICE team from his book LEGO Space Building the Future.
Why do I think this would make a great set?
I think that this would make a great set because it is playable (Though maybe not the must structurally sound!) and looks really cool. Kids of all ages could form their own stories of exploration with this model.

This model includes 6 minifigures, 6 control stations, a holograph of a starship, and detailed walls. It is 36 studs wide and long, and 12 bricks tall.

If you want to see this become a set please support!

Keep building!

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