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The Old West

Welcome to the Old West!

Frank the is slowly cleaning the glasses wondering what today's adventure brings in the town of Jasper Gulch....

Outside, Prospector Pete is lying in his barrel on his cave with a pick-axe waiting for the stage coach to take him to the train tracks.  The sheriff is putting up a ‘wanted’ poster.

Meanwhile an engineer came to the tracks and said ‘what are ye doing?’ to Prospector Pete.  Pete is trying to get out of Jasper Gulch and go to the gold rush river and so responds to the engineer, ‘well, gee I was just a wondering if anybody was fixing dem tracks’. The engineer responds ‘well mister I came to fix it’.  And so Prospector Pete heads back to the barrel.

Frank is still waiting for his first customer of the day and in walks Prospector Pete.  ‘Can I get a milk with some beef?’ Frank said, ‘that’s gonna be $3.’ 

The stage driver is picking up the Sheriff.  They are heading over to see the Native American because he’s got a tip on the guy that’s wanted.

Frank ends his day with a few customers and is happy he got to meet Prospector Pete.  So he did have an adventure.

Well that’s all folks and that’s the OLD WEST.

The LEGO© Old West set consists of  6 minifigures, 1 saloon, 1 stage coach, 1 cave, 1 hide out   and 2 horses

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