Product Idea |


Top, hat and wig shop, modular building.
This build started with me thinking what could I do with a Lego separator. A roof was a logical choice. So as I put my roof together I thought of all the sets out and what should go under my roof. 
Hats! I have not seen a hat/wig shop. 
I used a blue 16x16 base for the first floor of my shop, added a sliding door. Lots of transparent walls for light. I was off, using orange to match the roof and grey for the textured bricks. A floating staircase to the second floor. Lots of racks of hats and wigs in avocado green, with a spinning rack in the center of the first floor. I finished the outside with a fun tree, flower, bush and sale box of hats. Then I filled the shop with Lego minis, buying hats, with kids and cell phones in hand having a fun day.
I built this set with 562 pieces.
I think lots of people would enjoy a set like this bright, fun and lots of accessories.

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