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Ripley’s Believe it or Not odditorium


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This Lego build is a replica of Ripley’s believe it or not odditorium in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It shares many external features with the real building including a large globe, crane and fallen windows. Inside there are over 13 amazing attractions all based on real Ripley’s stories, collections and cartoons. They are:

  • The World’s smallest car the Peel P50 which is an famous Ripley’s icon.
  • A two headed goat a rare genetic occurrence.
  • A wailing rock which was split in two by lightning.
  • Replicas of a group of cottonwood trees in Panama which mysteriously grow with square trunks.
  • An albino lobster, the rarest form of the species.
  • A wall of mirrors, as featured in many Ripley’s attractions.
  • A piece of petrified wood which is as hard and heavy as stone.
  • A model of Phineas Gages skull which was penetrated by a large iron rod yet he still survived, along side a collection of other bones,skulls and shrunken heads.
  • A large mosaic face made entirely out of bottle caps, many of which are made by a woman from Charleston.
  • A model shark as sharks have been on earth longer than trees, surviving 5 major mass extinctions.
  • A grilled cheese volcano with tomato soup lava.
  • A model of a petrol station in Washington which is shaped like a petrol station.
  • An alligator as a man from Pennsylvania believed he got emotion support from his pet alligator. 

Mini figures included in the set are a skeleton an alien, two Ripley’s staff and a news reporter with a camera. The staff will be a great help for the news reporter looking for amazing Ripley’s stories and the alien and Skelton can feature in them. 

I have designed two new stickers, one which is the Ripley’s odditurium logo for the signs and walls and one which simply says Believe it or not and is for the side of the car. I have also designed a new minifigure torso which features the R from the famous Ripley’s logo.

I built this set as a big fan of Ripley’s and would really enjoy owning it and believe many others would too, whether they are Ripley’s fans or not. I believe this set would be a real talking point in any collection as each of the attractions comes with their own real life story.

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