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Dream Weaver of the Seas

This is the reboot of my original idea, the "Ship of my Dreams".

The why?
For this remake, I have totally changed the inside to give more place to the laboratory aspect, and also the global colors of the ship with colors less boring like the yellow. I think there were too much different colors misplaced. This version is a reboot of a reboot of an old project, the "Old Sea Bass", which have a hot air balloon.

The cockpit :
There is changing also with the cockpit of the plane, who have a mini plane mode.
With this mode, a little "fly" can perform watch and exploration path.

The laboratory :
The laboratory is designed to perform every kind of analysis, sea, space, air, even artifacts of different dimensions.

The ship :
The ship is half-mechanical, half-living, with specials animals who help the crew to run the engine and all the machinery.

The observatory :
Inherited by the older project, but also creations on Lego Ideas and MOCs seen on the web, this observatory is supposed to be holographic and can be replaced with 3D maps (in the Lego universe, of course.)

The telescope :
Rotary on 360°, it can perform large observations of planets, constellations, galaxies... The entire room can rotate.

The magical animals :
I introduce you to Gully the spider compass, who give the right direction to the journey. There is Kroosty, the white magical bat, who give the power of doing a lot of magic stuff to the ship. The ship is a kind of whale, named Sally, who take care of the ship, when the crew is gone. There is Leechy, the cat which chase Cheesy the big mouse, in the basement of the ship, and to finish, Breenzy the falcon who speak a lot of foreign languages, very helpful during travels.

The crew ship :
I no longer present to you the famous, flamboyant, incredible Paprika's robot!! Yes, Paprika's is still alive, but he has business to manage at this time, that's why he has sent his robot, to take care of the crew ship. And their stomachs, their well-being, etc...
Michel : the driver, who is an old stuntman capably drive every kind of vehicles. (Very carefully first of all).
Marion : the scientist, who wants repaint this boat every time. (That's her second passion).
Julie : the adventurer, who love consign everything in her notebook. (There are many now).
Benjamin : the filmmaker, who want to keep a trace of inert and living stuff, it doesn't matter if it moves or not. (And he can spend a lot of time on it).

The origin :
Basically the idea was to embark my band of childhood friends in a magic boat.
It's, of course, inherited from the imagination of a lot of inventors, scientists, romancer like Jules Verne.

The lights :
I have the project to do a version with reflective stratagems to highlight the inside of the construction with mirrors inside and outside the set. But it's still under consideration.

Why I built it :
I've always been passionate about imaginary ships and vehicles, and Lego has been a medium through which I can express this interest creatively. Building this model allowed me to combine my love for design with the joy of Lego construction. I was inspired by Jules Verne and sciences, and I wanted to create something that would captivate others just as it has captivated me.

Why I think i would be a great Lego set :
The design caters to a wide audience. Its universal appeal ensures that it can be enjoyed by both seasoned Lego enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The set includes interactive features, which add an element of playability and make the building process even more engaging. These features can spark imagination and storytelling, making it more than just a static model. This model is designed with great attention to detail, making it a beautiful piece to display. Whether it's on a shelf at home or in an office, it stands out as a conversation piece that showcases both artistic and engineering skills.

This project have a total of 2986 parts.

A video of the animated construction is online :
The images of the project on Flickr:

Welcome on board!!

Thank you very much for your attention. It would be great if as many living or inert beings on this planet as possible were aware of this creation.

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