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The Forests Guardian

I built this set because as a young person, I have always loved LEGO and being creative. If I win I can help my family, I created my first submission:

The Forests Guardian. It is a mystical tree that protects the life-source of magic, but people for years have tried to destroy it! Therefore, the tree granted its powers to the guardian of the forest:Lily. Legend has it that whoever can pull the sceptre from the tree's stone, becomes the 2nd guardian of the tree. One day, Theo (a member of the near-bye village) comes across the tree and the Protector. The Question remains, is he worthy of the Sceptre?

I believe this would make a great set because of 3 reasons:

Firstly, there are different genders of characters in the set making it inclusive for people to play with and more likely to sell.
Secondly, anybody can continue the story. For example, Theo is the worthy one and returns to his village to protect the tree, or he isn’t the worthy won and is angry with his village etc. It is up to anyone to decide how the story continues, expanding young people's and imagination (LEGO’s aims!)

Lastly, it is not the most complexed set ever created, so anyone can build it because it is not extremely complexed, maximising the opportunity to complete it.

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