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Minecraft Steve

*Update* -Made Steve's mouth smaller (Main & Bottom Image)

Introducing Steve - one of the most recognizable characters in the gaming world. For long, fans everywhere have been waiting for such a set, and now, it can become a reality! This authentic model of Steve stands at almost 29 bricks tall! (about 27.5 cm)

This set would ideally include him and a diamond pickaxe, as well as a common Minecraft grass block.

Steve has fully movable arms, as well as a swiveling head with a brick-built face! The legs are stationary, but are built separately and joined by three technic connector pegs.

With almost 300 bricks and at almost a foot tall, this model of Steve would make the perfect display item for the diehard Minecraft fan, and with your help, it can be made into an official LEGO set!

We need your support! Please! If you want this to become a LEGO model, don’t hesitate to support! Any suggestions or feedback would be welcome.

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