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Escape from Toontown - Who framed Roger Rabbit


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Hi guys! Alex is back! With a new set based on the 1988’s film “Who framed Roger Rabbit”.

The entire set is composed by: 

  • a base plate 16x32 studs;
  •  2 vehicles ("Benny the Cab" and the "Toon Patrol's car");
  • 5 minifigures:  Jessica Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Judge Doom, Smarty and Greasy (the weasels).

In this set we recreate the memorable scene  where Jessica and Eddie Valiant are escaping from Toontown, “driving” Benny, the yellow cab, chased by  the “Toon Patrol”, the weasels.

At the end of the tunnel, that connects Toontown with the real world, we find the maleficent Judge Doom, that's pouring “The Dip”, the only  horrible substance that can destroy a cartoon, on the road.

The poor Benny, with the wheels partly dissolved by “The Dip”, loses control of himself, goes out of  the road and hits a light pole.

What will happen to our favourite heroes?

We’ll discover it with…the next set!

Please, support me and...stay tuned!!!

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