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Delicate Arch

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in America, Delicate Arch has wowed the world for centuries for its magnificence and beauty. And now you can make it yourself and keep it in your own home! Every single LEGO City and collection out there has trees and towers and cars, but there is something always missing. Any sort of terraforming. Its always missing because its hard and very cost heavy but now, you can buy one! 

So I present to you Delicate Arch

Features of the Build:

Delicate Arch
National Park Ranger
Arches National Park Plaque

Why I built it:

National parks is a very important part of my life and almost everything revolves around it so I decided to start making national park icons and take a break from other topics

Why it should be a set

There isn't a single arch or any set related to the National Park Foundation or any terraformed set anywhere. This would be a one of a kind line up to any set. 

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out Lakeside Stories and Baby Shark and National Park Vignette!

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