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Imperial Soldier's Fort

The archipelago is plagued by pesky plundering pirates, and it is the job of the Imperial Soldier’s Fort to protect the neighbouring islands.

This build is complete with a fully detailed exterior, including a shipwreck, a cave with gold in, and a washed-up skeleton in chains. As well as this, the interior has 8 rooms: the map room, the kitchen, the winery, the entrance hall, the armoury, 2 bedrooms, and the Captains quarters, all of which are all fully detailed.

There are 8 minifigures; The Captain, The Sub-Captain, The Chef, The Strategist, 2 Soldiers, and 2 Pirates.

Thanks to my brother for supplying a 1x1 round plate in pink, which I didn’t use. If you like the project then please support it to make it a reality!

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