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Old Village Scenery

Banyan tree, water well, communal yard,
Going far away, I miss your affection and gratitude.

Banyan trees, water wells, communal yards... are images very familiar to the lives of rural people. This is also an endless source of inspiration in village landscape paintings.
Banyan trees provide shade and fresh air. The symbolic meaning of the banyan tree is eternal vitality and timeless toughness. Banyan tree as a proof of time, witnessing the change of people, earth and sky.
The water well is a place that provides daily clean water for villagers so that they can have a good life. Therefore, every village must have at least one water well. People rarely dig wells in private houses because of community living habits.
The communal yard is the administrative, cultural and social center of the village. All the important events of the village take place here such as meetings, litigation, culture and art... All villagers are responsible for looking after and maintaining the communal house.
This model as a rustic painting will bring out the ancient and elegant beauty of your living room. Thereby, I want to introduce ancient traditional culture to people through modern bricks.

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