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The Wiggles- Big Red Car


Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red car, This set's travelled there and travelled far. This set is based on the new Wiggles, Emma (yellow wiggle), Lachy (purple wiggle), Anthony (blue wiggle) and Simon (red wiggle). The set includes those 4 figures, as well as the Big Red Car with a stand, representing the field that the car drives through in the series. I was introduced to the Wiggles by my sister. Each character has an accessory- Emma has a microphone and an alternate hair piece, Anthony has his guitar, Lachy has a microphone as well, and so does Simon. The car would require a new Wiggles logo print or sticker, as would the figures. The car has 4 seats, which are used to seat all 4 figures. 

I think this would make a great set for younger audiences, as The Wiggles are by far one of the most popular children's franchises which are yet to be made into Lego. I was inspired to make this by my sister, who watched The Wiggles all the time when she was little, and still likes it. I hope this set reaches the achieved support. Thank You!

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