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Florida Beach House


Welcome to the beach!

Growing up in Florida near the beach, I loved relaxing and having fun there.  I also would love the style and atmosphere of the beach houses there.  They were always bright and vibrant and would look like great places to live.  I wanted to make my beach house to reflect those that I grew up around, with a more rustic Key West-style as well.

The front of the house has stairs leading up to the front door and deck.  There are several windows with white shutters, as well as a bay window on the left side.  The right side of the house has a large window looking into the bedroom.  The back has a rear entrance, a large window looking into the living room, and some details, such as a light, fishing pole and surfboard.  The left side has some more windows with shutters.  

The walls of the house have light aqua tiles around the entire house, giving you a beach vibe, like clear ocean water.  The roof is bright light orange and really pops, and the skylight windows bring some natural light and fresh air into the house.

The interior consists of a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

thr kitchen is bright with white and yellow floor tiling.  It includes a refrigerator, range, large sink, bar area, plenty of counter space and a table by the bay window to enjoy the view of the beach.

The living room has hardwood floors and includes a couch, tv and stand, shelving, lamp and some modern artwork.

The bedroom also has hardwood floors and has a bed, computer and desk, office chair and nightstand with lamp and drawer space.

Finally, the bathroom has blue and white floor tiling with a toilet, toilet paper with holder, sink and cabinet space.

I appreciate any support for my project and am happy to share this beach house with you.  This is my first Lego Ideas submission.  I really think this set would be a great project for families or any Lego fan and would bring some great fun and playability to a Lego city.

Thank you for your support!

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