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Retro Bakery and Apartment

This is an apartment that can be positioned within the modular buildings from creator expert. I built this moc because I have always liked modular buildings but never was able to buy one. So I created my own and thought that it would make a great set for real. Inside you will find three floors packed to the brim with awesome details complete with furniture, kitchen and a garden out back. And on top of all that I built a custom car to go along side it. I also created six minifigures to populate the build. The first is AJ a basketball fan and model train enthusiast. Second is Josef a lego designer for his day job and has two younger siblings. Third is Dee dee he is an excellent baker and is good at singing too his real name is David. Fourth is Suzy she loves pastries (well who doesn't) and going on long walks around the streets of lego city. The fifth person is Linda who is the lucky one because she owns the slick white fastback. And the final person is Ann she likes many different animals in fact she is a vet and she really likes the apartment garden.

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