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Building ESSO Model 1 - Julio Lafuente - Rome

Scale model of the historic building with modern architecture, designed in 1977 by the architect Julio Lafuente and the engineer Gaetano Rebecchini called Edificio Esso.
One of the most iconic and recognizable complexes of modern architecture in Rome, and recognized as a building of historical and architectural interest.
In the 1970s, Julio Lafuente designed a very original structure with inverted pyramids using steel pipes and concentrating the entire load of the building in just three on only 3 concrete plinths with a very reduced section compared to the rest of the building, the foundations were fixed to solid rock about 70 meters deep. The façade assumes the icononic shape of three inverted equilateral triangles. The same technical solutions can be found in the first bridges designed in reinforced concrete. I love the Architecture sets and  I think this would be a nice Lego set that introduces the world to a modern art building in Rome, a city usually recognized for its churches or for its oldest buildings from Roman times.

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