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Lego Starbucks


I built this Lego set when I realized that my Lego world needed a coffee shop.  I made this set based off of a coffee shop I went to recently.  The back counter has coffee machines and a stack of cups and lids.  In front of that is a display case of cookies and scones.  Next to that is a small counter where you pick up your coffee and food.  There is also a long brown table where people usually do computer work and drink their coffee.  Next to that is some cozy blue chairs and a table to go with them.  By those on the wall there are two pictures.  On the way out there is a trash can and recycling bin.  On the outside there is outdoor seating complete with a patio and umbrellas.  This set comes with five mini dolls and one minifigure including a worker with a coffee mug on his shirt.  This is a detailed and realistic build.  I hope you like it!

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