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Switcher with Freight Cars


Hello There


This is my first submission to Lego Ideas. I always loved Lego Trains, but Lego hasn’t been making as many as they used to, so that’s why I decided to make this project and with your help maybe we can see another one added to the roster!


I think this will make a good Lego set because this is very different from other sets Lego has released in the past, the engine being a small switcher engine, the British Rail Class 04 to be precise, and the assortment of rail cars would make this a unique set amidst all the long diesels and streamline passenger trains. The model is fully compatible with Lego’s Power Functions (8878 or 88000, 88002, 8879, 8884 for the record) and should run on almost any track configuration. This set also has good play value with the included accessories, the forklift and pallet jack can be used to load and unload the gold and silver pallets from the box car and station, while the crane’s bucket fits into the freight truck to grab some gold nuggets.


If this set were to be produced, I would like to see some stickers, particularly the set number for the side of the engine. I would also want to see the new gold nugget pieces (35646) used as cargo in the freight truck, as well as a few elements in some as-of-now unavailable colors


Set Includes:

1 engine and parts to motorize it

1 freight car

1 box car

1 crane

1 forklift

1 pallet jack

5 straight pieces of track

And the loading station.

Contains approximately 1200 pieces!


I have been working on this model on and off for the past two years, going through many versions, refining the design until I was happy enough with it to share it with you all. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I would love to hear what you all think. Thank you all for reading and I hope you support and share this around. Here’s a short video showing off some of its features.

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