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Crash Bandicoot


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Crash Bandicoot!

 the iconic video games character that marked my childhood back in 1996 being a day one purchase with my playstation.

A lot of great memories back then that came back to my mind 21 years after, thanks to the great remaster of the game!

Now its time to change roles and let my daughters play it :)

Thanks to the big hype going on all over the Internet with the remaster of the game and my love for LEGO and Crash, I said why not make a LEGO Ideas project :)

And here it is, consisting of 855 parts and measuring height of 33,6cm

You can see a 360°​ render of Crash Bandicoot here:


  • Ears are connected with ball joints so you can freely rotate them and change the mood of Crash :)
  • Each arm has three ball joints, in order to play with them as you like
  • waist is also connected with ball joint, so you can rotate the upper part of the body 360°​
  • legs are connected with the waist with ball joints so you can rotate them aswell

If you also like Crash Bandicoot and would like to give him a chance to become an official LEGO set,

please support and share my project!

Thanks a lot


my flickR for higher res pics:



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