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Brickheadz Inzide


Ever wanted your favorite Brickheadz in a bigger size? Or maybe in several different sizes, each inside the other? I give you Brickheadz Inzide!

My proposed set will contain Brickheadz of three different sizes, each hidden inside its bigger brother. The medium and big size versions have openable headz, making it possible to watch all three Brickheadz at the same time. The head, torso and arms are also easily separated from the rest of the model at the waist.

A Brickheadz Inzide set could contain three different Brickheadz on a certain theme, and the bigger size Brickheadz could be given a higher amount of detail depending on taste.

The proposed set will be made up of approximately 850 pieces and is of course intended to contain just one Brickheadz of each size - the pictures are for illustrative purposes.

Why not make yourself into a Brickheadz Inside model? Or maybe your friends and family? The possibilities are endless!

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