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Motorized Potbelly Stove


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This motorized potbelly stove would be perfect for those cold, rainy afternoons.

How It Works
It uses one m-motor to turn two disks with transparent, red and orange studs. Behind the disks are Power Functions lights which work much like a kaleidoscope. This gives it a cozy, flickering look.

The gray base is 16x16 studs and the stove itself is about 26 bricks tall including the stovepipe and base. It also has a teapot and a kindling box with the battery box inside. It is made up of about 493 pieces.

The Idea
I first had the idea to build a stove after I figured out how to make the firelight. I decided to build it into a potbelly stove because I have always liked potbelly stoves.

The stove in the virtual pictures may look slightly different from the one in the real pictures because I don't have a few of the pieces. Check out the updates to see the most recent changes/improvements on the stove and more


Feel free to ask questions, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Don't forget to support it and share it so that it can become a real set!

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