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Men In Black

We thought that Men in Black (MIB) would be an awesome idea to have in LEGO as the third movie has just come out, and it's just an original movie. Throughout the whole idea, we were honestly thinking what place, or idea would be the best. We thought the best setting would probably go to the first ever scene in MIB 1, Where a few aliens are trying to pass through the borders into the US.

We have tried to make it as accurate as we could. and it worked out well. We only did this stater set just to see what it'd be like, and how many people would like/love the idea. We've also made some Minifigures such as; Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and everyone else who's included in that part of the movie.

We wanted to do MIB LEGO settings as me and my family are hyped about the upcoming third movie. We believe it'll be awesome. Also, we think that MIB will be easily designed by LEGO, and there could be many selections of sets, well, over around 20 that I think they could make.

We also understand that the characters may not be great, but we're sure that LEGO© will do a brilliant job for the characters and settings. We'll also be creating more sets and characters in the future coming. Please support us while we go through this journey on trying to reach 10,000 supporters and help us get there.

We originally made the first scene from Men In Black, but we ended up thinking it was not 'a like' the original Movie. So, we've scraped that idea and created a new, extraordinary LEGO set, 'Jeeves Place'. We've made the place awesome and added a subway bellow it, which is originally from the second movie, at the beginning to make it even more epic. You can currently watch a review on the set that has been made, by clicking
. The set has over 400 pieces, which would probably end up being around fifty British Pound and Dollars.





私たちは、もともとメンインブラックから最初のシーンを作ったが、我々はそれがオリジナルの映画 "のように'ではなかったと思ってしまいました。そこで、我々はそのアイデアをかき集め、新しい、素晴らしいレゴセット、'Jeevesの場所"を作成しました。我々は、場所は素晴らしい作り、地下鉄、どのそれは、さらに壮大なようにする冒頭で、もう一方のムービーから、本来であれば、それを怒鳴る追加しました。現在

All of this content belongs to LEGO. This is a fan made LEGO set, hoping it could become real. 3DWorldtv loves the film Men In Black, and hope that it will become a LEGO set soon.

LEGO Men In Black - Jeeve's Place, or store, is being hosted by Agent K and Agent J.

Agent J, is in the back of the Subway train, about to shoot down 'Jeffrey'. This part of the Men In black is from the second movie. The subway train is also broken in half.

Through the wind screen of the Subway - You can see Agent J in the train, about to shoot Jeffrey.

Jeeve's basement. Here Agent K gets his mind back to use, after being Nuralised at the end of the First Men In Black movie.

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