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Modular Post Office

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Following on from my other Modular Police Station project, I decided to create a Modular Post Office. I decided to go for a corner building as I wanted it to look quite grand. For the colour scheme I wanted to follow the vintage Lego Post Office colours so chose the classic red and yellow. Above the post office is a fully furnished apartment which is accessed from the stairs at the back. There is also a loading bay for deliveries and a vintage post van and a post bicycle too. The set includes x3 postal workers and x4 other people.

Here is some of the features of the outside including the delivery bay. The van can reverse into the loading bay and there is a door at the rear for entering the back of the post office. Other features include an ornamental clock, main steps with double doors, letterboxes and lamp post. On the roof I have used the classic 'letter' as the post office sign rather than wording and words right up on top of the building wouldnt look right.

This is the ground floor in more detail. The entrance has angled steps. 2 post office counters with pens for writing those letters. You can also see the loading bay and the back stairs to access the apartment above.

This is the apartment above. On the left you can see al the rooms and on the right, in slightly more detail.
As mentioned you enter from the stairs at the rear to the kitchen, then the dining area and small lounge area. The other 2 rooms are the bathroom and a bedroom.

A couple of other images.

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